Vierge à l'enfant eglise Saint Eustache a Paris France pour prier

Your message for the Virgin Mary,

deposited at her feet in Paris

(Totally voluntary)

1- Deposit your message or prayer intention for the Blessed Virgin on this site.

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2- Your message will be printed free of charge by a volunteer.

3 – Your message will be placed at the feet of one of the most beautiful representations of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Paris.


We carry out the assignment on a voluntary basis – Additional options are available according to individual requirements.

Free of charge: Leave your message with the Virgin Mary.

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  • Printing of your message on paper.
  • Personalized layout on individual sheet.

  • Flowers (orchid, moonflower, seasonal flowers)

  • Choice of chapel or statue of the Virgin Mary.
  • Delivery to one of the chapels or statues of the Virgin Mary in Paris.
  • Send a photo of your message.

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  2. We’ll send you the procedure to follow.

    Personalized message and candle with your initials.

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    • Printing of your message on paper.
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    • Personalized layout on individual leaflet (with your name visible).
    • Deposited with the Virgin Mary by a volunteer.
    • Photo of your message sent back.

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    • Candle marked with your name (purchased locally if possible).
    • Photo of your candle returned.

    • Choice of chapel or statue of the Virgin Mary.
    • Deposit in one of the chapels or next to one of the statues of the Virgin Mary in Paris.

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    • Make a donation of €9
    • Receive an email with the procedure for sending us your message and initials for the marking of your candle.

    Message and flowers placed next to the statue of the Virgin Mary of your choice.

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    • Printing of your message on paper.
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    • Personalized layout on individual leaflet (with your name visible).
    • Deposited with the Virgin Mary by a volunteer.
    • Photo of your message sent back.

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    Flowers (orchids, moonflowers, seasonal flowers)

    • Send us a photo of your flowers.

    Choice of chapel or statue of the Virgin Mary:

    • Notre-Dame de Paris, the Virgin Mary who was preserved from the flames is accessible in front of the cathedral.
    • Eglise Saint Merry, Virgin Mary with child dressed in gold.
    • Sainte-Chapelle (The Sainte-Chapelle is no longer used for religious purposes. Flowers and messages are placed off-site, depending on the accessibility of our volunteers).
    • Eglise Saint-Eustache, La chapelle de la Vierge was inaugurated in 1804 by Pope Pius VII.
    • Eglise Saint-Germain l’Auxerrois, Church of the Kings of France, opposite the royal entrance to the Palais du Louvre.
    • Eglise Saint-Gervais et Saint Protais, Chapelle de la Vierge, whose origins date back to medieval times.

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    • Make a donation of €73.
    • Receive by email the procedure to send your message and initials for the marking of your flower and message.

    Offered for you: Download the white book of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Paris.

    30 color pages (A4)

      Gives you hope to write to the Virgin Mary.

      Makes it easy to participate in the flowering of places of worship.

      When you can’t go to church, it’s another way of living out your faith.

      A modern way to pray in the most beautiful places in the Christian world.

      Praying to Mary

      The importance of praying to Mary

      Praying to Mary is an essential aspect of Christian spirituality, deeply rooted in the Catholic Church for centuries. It is a pillar on which believers rely for comfort, guidance and intercession in their relationship with God. Over the ages, this devout practice has been reinforced by biblical teachings, Church traditions and the example of saints who have honored Mary as a benevolent spiritual mother.

      The practice of the Rosary

      The Rosary, a traditional Marian prayer, occupies a central place for many believers. By reciting the joyful, sorrowful, luminous and glorious mysteries, the faithful meditate on the events in the lives of Jesus and Mary, strengthening their spiritual bond with them. In each Ave Maria, they express their trust in Mary’s intercession and their desire to follow Christ’s teachings. Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort, in his book on true devotion to the Blessed Virgin, encourages Christians to meditate regularly on the mysteries of the rosary to deepen their relationship with the Mother of God. This ancient practice, handed down from generation to generation, remains a spiritual beacon for believers, helping them to connect with the divine Lady of Heaven.

      The Call to Prayer

      Let us pray together, brothers and sisters, in the unity of our hope, lifting our hearts to Mary, the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ. In our world troubled by war and discord, let us turn to prayer as a means of finding peace and reconciliation. May our supplications ascend to heaven, as a pleasing offering to God, so that he may guide our steps on the path of justice and truth. Saint Paul exhorts us in his letters to pray without ceasing, in all circumstances, so that our communion with God may be constant and fervent. Prayer, when sincerely offered, has the power to transform hearts and change the course of history.

      The teachings of Pope Francis

      Pope Francis, in his enlightened writings published by Bayard, reminds us of the importance of daily prayer. Through his homilies and general audiences, he encourages us to cultivate a personal relationship with God, based on meditation on the biblical Word and recitation of the rosary. His example of humility and compassion inspires us to deepen our prayer and seek God’s presence in every aspect of our lives. Pope John Paul II, in his encyclical on the Christian faith, reminds us that prayer is the foundation of the spiritual life, and that it is through prayer that we are united with God and his will. Prayer, as taught by successive pontiffs, is a beacon of hope in stormy times, a solid rock on which souls can lean.

      The writings of Lelièvre and Hubert

      The church recommends prayer, and to pray, Christians make the sign of the cross and recite Hail Mary. Contemporary theologians such as Lelièvre and Hubert also invite us to reflect on the power of prayer through their inspiring works. Their books, rich in spiritual teachings, guide us along the path of the church and encourage us to draw on the treasures of Christian tradition to nourish our spiritual lives. By meditating on their writings, we discover new ways to deepen our relationship with God and grow in holiness. St. John, in his Gospel, teaches us that prayer is a powerful means of remaining in communion with God and receiving his blessings. Every page of their works resonates as a call to fervent prayer and an existence imbued with the divine presence. In this quest for spirituality, each reading becomes an invitation to soar towards the divine, through meditation and contemplation.

      Prayer in the Chapel

      In our modest or majestic chapels, let us turn to God with trust and humility, knowing that he listens to our prayers with love and concern. May every candle we light, every rosary we recite, be an offering to our Lord and his holy mother, Mary. May our moments of prayer in the chapel be occasions of grace and spiritual renewal, strengthening us to face challenges with courage and faith. Saint Bernadette Soubirous, to whom the Virgin Mary appeared in Lourdes, shows us the importance of prayer in the lives of Catholics, and the effectiveness of the Virgin’s intercession. Every person who enters a chapel, every page of the Bible read in this sacred place, is an encounter with the divinity, a step on the road to inner transformation. Through the pages of Sacred Scripture, each member of the faithful is invited to contemplate the cross of Christ, to meditate on his sacrifice, and to find comfort and hope in his redeeming grace.

      Prayer as Medicine for the Soul

      Like a doctor for our souls, prayer heals, comforts and strengthens us in times of pain and despair. It reminds us that God is always with us, even in the darkest moments of our existence. By turning to him in prayer, we find the inner strength we need to overcome trials and face the future with hope and confidence. Prayer is like a spring of living water that quenches our spiritual thirst and regenerates us in our walk with God. With every whispered prayer, with every entrusted intention, our soul finds divine relief, heavenly healing that transcends the limits of the human condition. Every page of the Bible is an invitation to dialogue with God, to entrust our burdens to him and receive his transforming grace.

      Another Perspective on Praying to Mary

      Praying to Mary is a practice deeply rooted in the Catholic Christian tradition, providing a precious spiritual link for the faithful around the world. As spiritual mother and intercessor, she is devoutly invoked in times of need and praise. The rosary, with its meditative mysteries, guides Catholics on their journey of faith, helping them to contemplate Jesus, her son, through the eyes of the Virgin Mary. This Marian devotion is reflected in holy places like Lourdes, where pilgrims flock to seek comfort and healing, symbolizing the deep connection between Catholic faith and Marian devotion. The illuminating writings of theologians such as Lelièvre and Hubert offer valuable reflection on the meaning of Marian prayer and its role in the spiritual life of believers. Through the careful reading of devotional and biblical books, the faithful broaden their understanding of Marian devotion and cultivate a deeper relationship with Mary, our mother in faith. In a world marked by war and conflict, prayer to Mary offers a refuge of peace and hope, inviting everyone, whatever their status in the Catholic-Christian faith, to turn to the Lady of Heaven with trust and devotion. So let us pray together, with a sincere and humble heart, greeting Mary as our mother and intercessor, and entrusting him with our deepest prayers and desires. In this step of faith, each member of the faithful is called to follow the list of prayers and intentions of the heart, guided by the Holy Father and the precious spiritual resources provided by platforms like Aleteia. So, with an open heart and humble trust, let us greet Mary in our daily prayer, asking for her maternal intercession and the grace to persevere in fervent prayer.


      In conclusion, may prayer be our refuge and consolation in all circumstances. May we turn to Mary, our heavenly mother, with an open heart and unshakeable belief, knowing that she intercedes for us with her beloved son. May prayer be our guide on the path of holiness, leading us ever closer to God and his infinite love. We pray Amen.